live masterclass

taught by melyssa griffin

4 Steps To Grow Your Audience and Income as a Blogger

Wednesday, February 26th at 11am PST / 2pm EST

Hosted by Mariah

Ah, the blogging dream…


Writing about topics that you love…

Building a passionate community of followers who totally “get” you…
Making *gasp!* an incredible, consistent income, with sales coming in even when you sleep…
Having a positive impact in the world and people’s lives…
All while working from your laptop from home (or Tahiti – you do you).
That’s what you signed up for, right?

And how’s that going so far?

If you haven’t quite made the super-popular-blogger-who-makes-wild-money dream a reality yet, then you’re in the right place.

‘Cause I’m gonna get you started down that path, once and for all…

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll learn…


How to come up with a profitable product for your blog (that your community will be dying to buy – even if you’ve never sold a single thing to them yet!)


How to repurpose and maximize a single piece of content to get you more traffic and subscribers with less effort. (This was KEY to exploding my growth without sacrificing all my free time to write a gajillion blog posts every week.)

The super-easy-to-create opt-in incentive (aka “freebie”) that will help you grow your audience and line up potential customers. (Hint: it has to be something your audience WANTS, not necessarily something you think is important for them to know.)
The secret to creating your online product that most new entrepreneurs get wrong (and how to do it the right way)
“It’s so rare to encounter someone who’s both brilliant AND actually great at teaching! Having Melyssa as a teacher was more like having a dear friend walking alongside me every step of the way. Somehow she made things that felt totally overwhelming, confusing and frustrating become possible, simple and exciting! Melyssa has changed my life.”
Home Bakery Teacher

“I consider myself lucky because I discovered you when I first started my blog. With your strategies, my email list grew to 3,500 subscribers with a 36% open rate! And the best part is that I’ve sold everything from a $27 program to $1,000 coaching and 90% of my sales come from my email list.”

Back Pain Coach

Wednesday, February 26th at 11am PST / 2pm EST

Who is Melyssa Griffin?

Yo, I’m Melyssa and I help heart-centered high achievers grow their income and impact online.

Over 3 years ago, I turned a tiny passion blog into a multi-million dollar business that has provided me the lifestyle I’ve always wanted – while using my business as a force of good to give back and help others.

Online courses have been the gateway for this transformation, and I can’t wait to teach you about growing and launching online courses on this webinar.