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I’m so excited for you to transform your email list into the thriving, engaged community I know it can be.

But why stop there? How would it feel to take it one step further and turn your email list into automated, daily sales for your business?

You can… with a sales funnel!

You’ve probably heard of them, and in fact, I bet you’ve actually been part of one whether you realized it or not. You know when your favorite clothing store sends you a string of emails about an upcoming sale? Yep…sales funnel!

And there’s a good chance it’s time to start your own sales funnel if any of the following strikes a chord…

  • NYou’re growing your email list but aren’t quite sure what you’ll use it for.
  • NYou’ve created a new piece of paid content and want to get people to BUY it.
  • NYou feel overwhelmed by all the promotional work you’re doing for your content or online course. You wish it could be more automated.
  • NThe content you are creating isn’t adding to your bank account like you know it could (and should).
Well, guess what? A sales funnel can help with ALL of that.

Funnels are essentially sales pages strategically spread out over several emails. The goal is to help your audience go through necessary mindset shifts and show them how YOU can help them with THEIR specific problem, before asking for the sale.

Because at the end of the day, anyone who signs up to your email list is hoping that you can help them with some sort of problem they’re having, big or small. And creating strategic sales funnels gives you the opportunity to help MORE people with their biggest problems, while growing your business in the process.

Sales funnels are a SUPER EFFECTIVE way to spread the word about your course or product and convert sales in a pre-planned, automatic way. This way, you have more time to engage with your audience, create more amazing content, and live your life so you’re not always “hustling” to grow your business. Sales funnels are the #1 way I personally create intentional spaciousness in my life and business.

With my course, Sales Funnel Accelerator, I will show you every strategy I use with my own sales funnels that helped me build a multi-7 figure business.

Wait, sales funnels can do THAT?

Yep, they are pretty darn powerful!

In Sales Funnel Accelerator, you’ll learn:
The three highest converting sales funnels. Learn what formula strategies work for specific types of launches and promotions.
How to write effective sales sequences. I’ll teach you all the best methods to capture your message in an impossible-to-resist email format.
How to leverage tools you already have to turn your funnel into an automated sales machine. Give yourself more freedom by not having to grind with promotion on the daily.
The best ways to utilize freebie offers to attract people to your funnels. Gain more email subscribers and earn more money with these systems!
How to turn that email list into serious CASH without adding more work to your plate!

How amazing does that sound? Less work, more money and MORE time?

Now, I’m offering Sales Funnel Accelerator for the special price of $97 just for new Email List Academy students.

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